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I-Phoria Project is one of our main event in Tarumanagara Business Competition II besides Business Case Competition and Business Plan Competition. And on this opportunity, we would like to introduce the theme for our first i-Phoria Project. It's SPRING FESTIVAL!

Why Spring? Just like the corps that planted in the Spring, we would like to invite all of entrepreneurs out there to start their business and help them to grow just like trees, flowers, and plants that grow during the Spring. Stay tuned for our first Thematic Bazaar on this March!


Available booth for exhibition in "I-phoria project"

@ Grand Indonesia lt. 5 West Mall, INDOOR!!
Date : 18-20 march 2016, start from 10.00 AM - 21.30 PM

-for Food and beverages IDR 4jt 2mx2m

-for multiproduct IDR 4,5jt 2mx2m

-special for multiproduct IDR 5jt 2mx3m

Extremely limited offer !!
*meja kursi termasuk
*keamanan 24 jam ( bisa tinggal barang )
*listrik 440 watt (dapat di tambah)
*ad-lips oleh MC saat acara I-phoria project berlangsung di Grand Indonesia mall
*pencantuman logo di majalah BLUE yang disebar se JABODETABEK
*pencantuman logo di banner dan spanduk kegiatan
*sertifikat sebagai sponsor acara termasuk

Berminat? hubungi contact person kami segera untuk mendapatkan tempat terbaik..
christyan :087785000781 /line id : christyan333
hendra : 087880636366/ pin bbm : 33408987

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